Painting jobs


  • marble plaster - calce antica, stucco veneziano
  • painting of interiors
  • repair of cracks and damaged plasters
  • wallpapering


Different types of plastering:

Maľovka na jemnú stierku
Soft plaster
Grained plaster
Grained plaster
Marble plaster (Calce Antica, Stucco Veneziano)
Marble plaster (Stucco veneziano, Calce antica)


Plasterboard ceiling
Plasterboard ceiling
Marble plaster on ceiling - smooth and glossy
Marble plaster - calce antica, stucco veneziano
Fireplace with marble plaster (calce antica)
Painting of decorations
Simple borderlines
Simple painted border
Plasterboard waves
Reduced ceiling with different elevation
Different colors of different ceiling elevation from plasterboard
Columns painted in perspective