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Fresco painting

One of the types of fresco painting techniques is so-called "a secco", "on dry", painted on dry plaster. Painter with water brings the pigments into the dried, matured plaster. Because the pigments are absorbed into the plaster and are not painted on it, it´s a very long-lasting painting technique.

Jesus on the cross, Čeláre-Kirť (Slovakia) Statue of David, Rome (Italy) Battle of Saint Michael, Glabušovce (Slovakia) Ancient Rome, Čeláre (Slovakia) Contact of God and Adam, Balassagyarmat (Hungary) The Last Supper, Malé Zlievce (Slovakia) The Most Holy Heart of Jesus, Malé Zlievce (Slovakia) Portrait (Slovakia) Betlehem, Bušince (Slovakia) Village Malé Zlievce (Slovakia) Popstars, Balassagyarmat (Hungary) Jesus on the cross, Čeláre-Kirť (Slovakia) Saint Mother, Čeláre-Kirť (Slovakia) The last supper, Čeláre (Slovakia) Cosmos, Čeláre (Slovakia) Village Čeláre (Slovakia) King of the sky (Slovakia) Popstars, Balassagyarmat (Hungary) Stonehenge (Slovakia) Ancient Rome, Čeláre (Slovakia) Mercedes Benz (Slovakia) Betlehem, Bušince (Slovakia)


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